When Your Customer Says NO

We experience various hurdles and setbacks when trying to “sell” to “customers”—whether that customer is your boss, friend, spouse, a client. These concerns may be due to:

  • Skepticism. Being skeptical is not a position; it’s simply a process where the customer is yet to be convinced what you’re claiming is true.

  • Misunderstanding. You’re not on the same page, and you or your customer failed to grasp critical information that will explain why what you’re selling makes sense.

  • Drawback. There are realities that are disadvantageous under certain circumstances but they are not necessarily insurmountable.

Instead of going back to the drawing board and trying to think of a new solution, determine what is preventing customer buy-in, acknowledge, and attempt to resolve them. This requires a collaborative approach where you work with the customer to surface the issues. Continue reading...

AchieveGlobal's Professional Selling Skills® will help you examine how to provide information that helps your customers make an informed buying decision. By the end of the workshop, your organization will experience:

  • Increased success in winning new business and building customer loyalty.

  • Decreased costs by helping salespeople better judge account potential and use time more efficiently.

  • A common language for your sales team, resulting in improved communication and teamwork.

  • Reduced turnover by providing salespeople with direction, support, and flexible professional development.

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