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Discover Assessments is a highly interactive, DISC-based psychometric assessment solution for hiring and talent development across the management spectrum.

It makes it easier for you to identify the right candidate for a job position, enhance team productivity, coach leaders to greater heights, and reduce organizational hiring costs and time, as was tested and proven in over 25 countries across 5 continents.


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Access your behavioral assessment at our introductory rate when you take the test today.

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The reality organizations face today

Today's hyper-competitive business landscape makes attracting the right talent and developing high-performing teams critical for business growth and success. However, understanding how different personalities will react when faced with new challenges or behave in a team situation has also become a very long and expensive process—a concern many organizations have been facing for years.

For this concern, we dared find a solution.

And that solution, we found in Discover Assessments.


*DISC is a psychometric solution which is simple, accurate and scientific. This allows you to discover and analyze the behavioral profile of individuals. It also allows you to evaluate the behavioral demands of a position and to generate detailed compatibilities applicable to different HR processes.

We, along with Discover, aim to provide you the best means possible to learn about the people in your organization, to help you propel your business forward.


We ensure to provide you a *DISC-based assessment tool that:


  • is QUICK & EASY - accomplishable in 10 minutes or less;


  • is HIGHLY INTERACTIVE - embedded in a one-of-a-kind game-like platform;


  • can PROVIDE UNLIMITED ASSESSMENTS & REPORTS - from behavioral reports, job reports, group trend reports, and group job reports.

The benefits of working with Discover Assessments

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The reports you can generate with Discover Assessments


This is the primary report used for the most accurate behavioral assessment of an individual.


Ideal for coaching, recruitment, talent development, leadership building, etc.



This report gives the compatibility of a candidate against a single job.

Ideal for recruitment, internal job rotation, etc.


This report identifies the cohesion and conflict points between various members of a team.

Ideal for team building, leadership development, etc.



This report gives the compatibility of a group of candidates against a single job.


Ideal for large scale recruitment.

Our trail of credibility and reliability around the globe

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Access transformation today!


Work with internationally recognized training and solution providers from all around the globe.

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