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World-class communication expert for professional development

Through Communispond, we can help you grow your leaders, increase your sales, and build communication expertise throughout your organization.

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Fifty Years of Equipping Leaders with World-Class Communication Expertise

This 2019, we celebrate Communispond's 50 years of changing lives by equipping leaders with the expertise and dynamic solutions that help them successfully influence their audience and drive business results.

About Communispond's Learning Solutions

Your associates are the voice and the face of your business. By developing their talent – their uniquely human ability to communicate – your organization will flourish in the digital age.

Since 1969, Communispond has helped over 700,000 client associates – including CEOs, board chairs, sales leaders, sports, media, and political figures – to achieve business goals by communicating with clarity and power. With knowledge and practice, associates gain confidence. With confidence, they become passionate performers.

The solutions we offer:


Expert individual communication coaching for professional development or critical public events


World-renowned communication programs – standard or custom, delivered by us or licensed to you – as well as public seminars

Using a Touch Phone

Comprehensive reinforcement, so new knowledge and skills enter the fabric of your organization

Our Main Offered Programs

Delivering Memorable Presentations™

A one-day program designed to help you master physical delivery skills to boost your confidence and credibility.


The Delivering Memorable Presentations™ workshop focuses on equipping you with the confidence to communicate to groups of different sizes, by focusing on your physical delivery skills.


Enjoy a new set of skills that heightens your credibility and reputation during your presentations.

Executive Presentation Skills®

A two-day program designed to help you deliver powerfully deliver comprehensive content.


The Executive Presentation Skills® workshop helps you develop, refine, and deliver powerful presentations to groups of any size. With focus on both content-creation and physical delivery skills, this workshop aims to allow you to master presenting even when put on-the-spot.


Let go of your fears of public speaking with a tried-and-tested program that equips you with presentation skills unlike any other.

Want to learn more about our

learning solutions on communication?

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