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36 Years of Learning

Mr. Peñaranda conducting PSDM

Mr. Peñaranda conducting a Problem Solving and Decision Making workshop.

                                  When we pioneered Manila Execon in
                                  1988, Raul T. Peñaranda, Sr., our
                                  founder, wanted to provide education
                                  to the Filipinos who will change the


Back then, we were teaching Zenger-Miller, Kaset International and Learning International - which merged to become AchieveGlobal, and Kepner-Tregoe.


Today, Manila Execon has continued on with his legacy and has successfully helped hundreds of Philippine-based companies become internationally competitive by introducing the world-class processes and skills of achieve+forum, Kepner-Tregoe, and with the addition of Communispond and Miller Heiman.


By proving needs and competency assessments, pre- and post- behavioral evaluations, reinforcement tools, and manager involvement support, we are able to support our clients by linking business issues with training, identifying measurable results, actively involving managers, and ultimately achieving business results.



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