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Problem Solving and Decision Making

Developing Your Next Generation of Leaders


Organizations face significant demands to develop leaders at all levels who can effectively resolve issues. KT Problem Solving and Decision Making equips the leaders of tomorrow with the necessary Clear Thinking skills that become the foundation of effective leadership and issue-resolution management.  This common language and process are essential for effective, efficient collaboration across teams, functions, and geographies. 

For 2013, the English language version* of this classic workshop includes exciting upgrades to enhance the learning experience, including award-winning video components!  The workshop teaches learners KT Clear Thinking processes which provide individuals with the capability to “cut through the clutter” of business complexity, act decisively, and address the most complex challenges confronting your organization. And the enhanced workshop creates a highly engaging learning environment that accommodates various learning styles across generations.

"I just took the upgraded PSDM and found the workshop materials incredibly useful. I was very impressed with the updated videos, especially the visuals which were perfectly in-sync with the KT method. They were just phenomenal."

– Derek Morris – Civil Engineer – Arizona Public Service (APS) Palo Verde Nuclear Plant

Results Delivered

  • Following a merger, a global company saved $1.3 million on insurance costs the first year and $300,000 in subsequent years

  • A computer chip manufacturer solved a long-standing defect problem, saving $2.8 million annually

  • A vinyl manufacturer increased annualized production with a significant rise in profits

  • A food products manufacturer saved $1.03 million by improving planning and decision-making by work teams

  • A U.S. money center bank resolved a recurring systems failure and restored their international monetary exchange cycle, preserving millions of dollars in interest earnings

Improve Your Thinking

Problem Solving and Decision Making enables your future leaders to:

  • Find the cause of challenging problems using a fact-driven approach

  • Identify and plan for the resolution of high-priority issues

  • Make complex decisions aligned with strategic and operational priorities

  • Understand and manage risks proactively while executing strategic initiatives effectively

  • Promote and maximize the benefits of future opportunities

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