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Say Yes to the Dress

June is regarded as the month of abundance when the seas swarm with fish, the forests with wild life, and the farms with crops. Roses bloom in June and roses are the flowers of love. It has also been traditionally believed as the most popular month for weddings.

If you have your eyes and ears open, you can discover sales lessons in unexpected places, including the TV show, "Say Yes to the Dress".

Here are some solid sales techniques that are directly applicable to selling virtually anything to anyone:

  • Actively Listen: The Yes Team asks a number of questions before a bride tries on her first dress, then continually probes and modifies the approach.

  • Assess Budget: Once someone tries on an expensive dress which is outside of their price range, it is often difficult for them to be satisfied with dresses that conform to their budget.

  • Woo Influencers: Assess the bride’s posse and determine who will have the most impact on the bride’s purchase.

  • Bolster the Champion: Provide emotional support for brides who are overly chided by the influencers in their entourage.

  • Keep It Fun: Reduce the risk of an emotional meltdown by maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere.

Even if you are not in the wedding business, you may be surprised at how effective these techniques are in getting you that "Yes"!

How do you get your clients to say YES?

To read all 8 techniques, go to


Top sales professionals know that their success is predicated on their customers. That focusing on the customers’ success is the only sure path to long term sales success.

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