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What's Your Biggest Fear?

Think of a presenter you've seen who was so nervous you were worried he or she wouldn't get back to the seat alive.

Remember how distracted you were by all the nervousness?

When you're presenting, you have a lot of nervous energy. Your body is producing adrenaline and a lot of other chemical reactions. If you don't find some way to use that nervous energy, it will leak out through behaviors such as twitching, fidgeting, leaning, swaying, or random pacing.

Unproductive nervous energy can take over your presentation. It distracts your audience and obscures your message.

That nervous energy is there to help you bring your message to life. To use it productively, remember and practice this analogy: think of yourself as a fountain.

Your feet are the base of the fountain. Your upper body is the fountain itself. Push your nervous energy up from your base and out through your hands and voice, the way water flows up and out of a fountain. Gesture above your waist and away from your body, and project your voice out to people towards the back of your audience.

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Executive Presentation Skills® molds you into a powerful presenter through in-the-moment coaching and behavioral-based learning techniques that create confidence and credibility, such as Eye-Brain Control®, Think-Turn-Talk, and storytelling.

You’ll draw subject matter from your own work environment, so skills are immediately applicable to your business.

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