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Manage a Presentation Crisis Like a Pro

It’s important to understand that a tough question often has an emotional component. Your answer must appeal to the heart as well as the head. It isn’t true that “the facts speak for themselves.” You must show you recognize the questioner’s feelings and are concerned about them.

If the question was negative, rephrase it without changing its meaning. Look at the questioner as you begin answering, but look elsewhere before you finish so you don’t get a negative follow-up question. Frame your responses so they answer the question and tie back to one of the points you’re making, but be sure you really answered the question before you tie back.


Speak and be heard with skills that captivate, communicate, convince and gain commitment with Communispond's Executive Presentation Skills.

Executive Presentation Skills will help you:

  • Instantly build credibility and capture attention

  • Communicate clearly and concisely during critical business discussions

  • Field questions with confidence and build credibility by staying calm and in control

  • Deliver just the right amount of information and recognize the pressure of time in critical situations

  • Master the art of spontaneous, impromptu speaking and support points with powerful evidence to maximize impact

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