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Michelle Obama Does It Again!

In August, we asked people to vote for the best of six speakers at the Republican and Democratic conventions. Michelle Obama won by a wide margin.

Here's what we said when we reported on the votes:

[Michelle Obama] is easily the most genuine of the six principal speakers. Her message was dramatic, heartfelt, and perfectly in tune with her voice and body language. It was also intensely personal, even while she was making a political point. She made brilliant use of her assets, both in message and delivery. And, best of all, her speech was brief.

In October, Michelle Obama gave a speech in New Hampshire that not only surpassed her convention speech, it was easily the best and most inspirational speech of this entire campaign. Once again, she was intensely personal, and once again she offered a heartfelt message with a brilliant delivery. She downplayed the attack and instead used the scandal as a springboard to discuss her hopes for the future. It is a tour de force of inspirational public speaking.

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