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How Much Money Do You Waste Every Day?

There are days when we are met with problems that refuse to go away. At times, it seems that these problems just get worse the harder we try to solve them. In the office, these persistent problems come in the form of people problems - interpersonal conflict, miscommunication, poor decision-making, poor customer handling, and more. To deal with these, we end up wasting massive amounts of money, time, energy, and resources. The actual cost of these problems is very troubling. Look at the results of a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review with 83 executives (70 percent male; 87 percent with more than ten years of work experience, with 45 percent having ten years or more senior management roles).

In the course of a day, the executives estimated wasting an average of $7,227.07 per line item per day, for a total of $144,541.30 per day. That’s an astounding $52,757,574 of lost value and potential per year per organization on people problems.

What now?


Stop wasting your money. Allow us to do what we do best. We understand people problems. This is why we are in this business. Tell us what's going on and allow us to troubleshoot the gaps in your organization. Our solutions are research-based and time-tested, and we go beyond merely delivering knowledge. We deliver sustainable solutions, just ask the thousands of learners we have engaged with since 1988.

Not all training solutions are created equally.

We take pride in searching the world for the best and bringing them to you. We believe that by equipping you and your team with the best learning solutions from around the globe, we can make you at par with the rest of the world.

Go ahead, check out the global brands under our roof. You'll discover that you're choosing training solutions that have been trusted by more than 400 of the Fortune 500 companies. Wouldn't you want to be in that same list of companies?


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