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You Now Have 6 Infinity Stones!

Imagine holding the 6 Infinity Stones - mind, power, reality, soul, space and time - right now. What would you do with it?

In this Marvel Universe, having these 6 stones unquestionably represent unimaginable power. You can kill beings and dissolve planets in a snap of your fingers. So before you start practicing that evil laugh of yours, allow me to guide you on the best course of action because a decision this critical requires nothing less than the earth's gold standard on Problem Solving and Decision Making in the last 60 years.

Step 1: Create a Decision Statement.

Decide usage of 6 Infinity Stones.

Step 2: What objectives need to be considered in this decision?

Step 3: Provide ways to measure each objective. This will allow us to gauge how well our future course of action satisfies each objective. (TIP: Numbers are highly encouraged!)

Step 4: Classify objectives into MUSTs (non-negotiable) and WANTs (nice to have)?

We'll stop here, for now. I'm giving you time to think of at least 5 courses of action. When you're ready, let me know so I can guide you through the rest of the Decision Making process. Better yet, book a class on Kepner-Tregoe's Problem Solving and Decision Making so you can always be balanced and confident even when you're under pressure.

Uncle Ben once said, "With great power comes great responsibility." Why don't you kick it up a notch? Don't just equip yourself, equip your entire army to become world class Decision Makers because you will need all the help you can get if you were to hold on to those 6 Infinity Stones. Book a class now!


Why KT Problem Solving and Decision Making?

  • For almost 60 years, we have been helping teams and individuals find the root cause of problems faster, make better decisions, manage risk, and prioritize what to work on first.

Key Benefits

  • Cut through the clutter & complexity to systematically find root cause for tough problems and make decisions aligned with business priorities.

  • Discover the power of KT Clear Thinking and walk away with a framework that integrates easily with Lean, Six Sigma, 8D, ITIL, and other methodologies.

  • Walk away ready to immediately apply these new skills back on-the-job.

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