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How You Sell Vs. What You Sell

How you sell is a more sustainable competitive differentiator, than what you sell. You can see this in action as you move up the relationship level pyramid.

Let me explain. When you reach the highest level, you have a complete grasp on your customer, their industry and their competitors. This will help you help them be more competitive, regardless of what you’re trying to sell them.

The key here is to reach the economic buyer, who is focused on the impact your solution has on their organization. Why is this so important? Easy. The economic buyer is looking at a greater horizon. Think of the economic buyer as a captain of a ship at sea, looking out over the water on the horizon. The captain’s job is to identify potential problems and safely navigate the ship’s way.

They need to be able to peer into the future, anticipate problems and constantly correct the course of the ship. Much like a CEO.

The CEO must be able to look into the future. And CEOs are paid for the clarity of their crystal ball. The value add that you can add is by spraying Windex on their crystal ball. They don’t want to hear about the features and functions of your products. They want to hear about trends in the industry and your ability to aggregate information that answers the question, “What’s coming next?”


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