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Creating Deeper Relationships

As you create stronger relationships with your customers, we know all sorts of good things begin to accrue. Trust increases, and that gives you added credibility. Close times shrink and your customers start to see you as a partner.

Now, let’s look at the relationship pyramid from different perspectives and how it can benefit you.

First, a quick review. There are five levels of relationships on our pyramid. The bottom level is vendor, next comes preferred supplier, then consultant, contributor and, finally, partner.

So here’s a new way to look at it. As a vendor, it’s all about transactions. You’re one of many. You have some goods and services that customers need, and that’s the price of admission. Doing business on this level is rapid, repetitive and routine. And it’s begging for technology.

Here’s what I mean. If you need cash, you don’t stand in line at the bank. You go to an ATM. Or you pay with your phone. Technology is constantly eroding the base of the pyramid because it fits the transactional model better.

At the top level – partner – it’s all about interactions. It’s complex. It’s proactive. You have an opportunity to be creative because you’ve earned the trust of your customers. Think about what kind of impact that can have.


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