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What Made Your Speech Great

We can all recognize a great speech when we witness one.

Given excellent content, there are three measures that make speeches great. If you master these three measures, you are well on your way to leadership in your organization or profession.

1. Voice Volume and Projection. In a volume scale of 1 to 10, most presenters speak at 5. When you speak at 7 or 8, your audience will recognize you as being authoritative. Project your voice to the person in the back of the room and speak forcefully.

2. Energy. Don't act passionate about your argument; be passionate about it. If you don't feel deeply about your argument, why are you trying to persuade anyone to adopt it?

3. Stance and Gestures. Don't put your hands in your pockets or clasp them in front of you. Don't clutch the lectern like it's a life buoy. Keep your hands at your sides unless you are gesturing. Gestures make you the center of the action and continually refocus the audience's attention on you.

Make your next presentation a success by taking the time to rehearse, with a view to controlling your voice, energy, and stance tor maximum impact.


At Communispond, we teach the three measures of public speaking success in our Delivering Memorable Presentations workshop. We'll provide individualized coaching to help you master the skills that will make you an effective public speaker.

With Delivering Memorable Presentations, you'll be able to have:

• Accurate, concise, and professional improved physical delivery skills • Reduced nervousness and stress when speaking in public • Confidence when handling audience questions • Better responses from audience • Gain a reputation as an excellent presenter • Demonstrate your skills and competence whenever you present


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