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Deliver Memorable Speeches

In Tom Hanks' Larry Crowne movie, he finds himself at rock bottom after getting fired and decides to enroll in a speech class.

For his final speech, Hanks talks about his world travels as a Navy veteran and makes inspirational references to the speeches delivered before his. Everyone showed remarkable improvement from their first and the final speeches but only Hanks got that elusive A+!

What made his final speech memorable?

  • He chose a high interest topic that he can easily talk about.

  • He gave the audience new knowledge (informative), turned them into believers (persuasive) and made them laugh (entertainment).

  • He practiced his voice, facial expressions, gestures, props, and organization.

To watch the video:

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Communispond's Delivering Memorable Presentations helps you deliver outstanding and noteworthy presentations with skills that captivate, communicate and convince.

With Delivering Memorable Presentations, you'll be able to:

  • Develop excellent physical delivery skills, including eye contact, vocal energy, and gestures.

  • Learn the correct techniques for presenting visuals, handling audience questions, and giving effective briefings.

  • Learn presentation skills you need to impact your audience that will give you the confidence you need during delivery.

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