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Is the Boomer-Millenial Clash Real?

Each generation brings their own mental map to the workplace, but it is the job of a manager to understand this, develop what we call “generational intelligence,” and create a plan of action to instill a sense of the company culture.

What should managers do? Here are 5 action steps for developing generational intelligence in the workplace:

  • Make training and mentoring a priority.

  • Set clear objectives - from the start.

  • Consider the medium.

  • Provide feedback early and often.

  • Pause before reacting.

Millennial workers can also take steps to ensure they understand the cultural norms of the workplace. Here are some of the tips they should consider:

  • Hold off on friending your boss on Facebook or other platforms.

  • Remember, engaging in social media lasts forever.

  • Keep your need to text at bay!

  • Position yourself as a subject matter expert of your generation.

  • Follow the lead of your manager regarding how to get things done in your organization.

What is your company doing to develop and manage a millennial workforce? Millennials, is your company up to speed on the needs of your generation? To continue reading, go to


AchieveGlobal's Generations in the Workplace is designed to help debunk the myths and take full advantage of the unique strengths, talents, and experience each individual has to offer—regardless of age.

Participants in this program will learn principles that can promote inter-generational collaboration and reduce age-related conflict.

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