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Game Of Thrones Leadership

The Democratic Leader While others in Westeros follow self-proclaimed or inherited leaders, the Dothraki will only follow the one who has the strength to lead. In freeing thousands of other slaves, the respect and loyalty she earned by choice, rather than force, is far more powerful and enduring.

The Affiliative Leader Tyrion may be one of the smallest characters but he proves that it is possible to have a big impact no matter how small (or insignificant you feel) you are. People will naturally follow a leader who creates emotional bonds that bring a sense of belonging and purpose.

The Reluctant Leader Regardless of pedigree, tenure or title, people will naturally gravitate to the one who has purpose, passion and conviction. With the right mentorship and encouragement, these reluctant leaders can evolve and develop over time to become formidable and unassailable leaders.

As you watch, keep your eye out for both the tragic errors that lead to one’s downfall and the shining examples of leadership that inspire you to do better.

What has Westeros taught you about leadership?

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