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Leadership Lessons from Santa Claus

During the holiday season, the main man in the North Pole is hard at work making sure that children around the world will get awesome gifts, while we’re busy taking inventory of what was accomplished, and what else needs to be accomplished this year.

While Santa Claus is, of course, a fictional character whose annual revenue comes in the form of milk and cookies, there's no doubt that there's much to learn from him. Choose your reindeer wisely. He saw how Rudolph could contribute in ways others could not, and how he could gain acceptance from his fellow reindeer. Promote the right people for the right reasons, and diversify your team. Make a list and check it twice. The presents must be made and ready to be loaded on the sleigh, then delivered by December 25. That's every year and without fail. Enforce the power of deadlines. Find out who’s naughty and who's nice. Not only does Santa realize the importance of rewarding for performance, he personally monitors your behavior throughout the whole year. Coach those in need, and recognize your superstar performers. Be good for goodness sake. Set an example and remember that everyone counts. Focus on developing the leaders around you. Give them their own platforms for greatness. At the end of the day, his main purpose is to bring toys to all good little girls and boys. What's yours? Continue reading...


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