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Are You The Project Manager?

Projects are the way work gets done within organizations, so finding the right person to manage a project is critical. Every project, no matter how large or how small, needs a project manager (PM). The PM is the one who develops the game plan and guides the team to victory. The role of the PM is not only to plan the project but also to estimate costs and resources needed, schedule and coordinate the implementation activities. The PM is also a change manager who needs to communicate up, down and sideways to various stakeholders updating the plan as progress is made. More than managing a budget and schedule, the PM is the person who facilitates, monitors and cheers the team on as project deliverables are completed and ensures that any obstacles met are overcome. While this is rarely mentioned in a formal description, the PM is the conscience of the project and its team. Both a nag and father/mother confessor, the PM is the surrogate for the stakeholders and the scapegoat when problems arise. The strength of the team, level of executive support and adequacy of funding can never compensate for a weak PM. However, a strong PM can push a project towards success even if the team falters, executive support wavers or funding is threatened.

Choosing the right PM is essential to project success. Choose wisely and you dramatically improve the chances that your next project will come in on-time, on-budget and with the anticipated results. Continue reading...​


Kepner-Tregoe Project Management delivers structured and proven solutions that bring clear thinking, direction, structure, and alignment to diverse project teams.

We believe that on-time, on-budget, and on-goal performance is not only possible, it is expected.

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