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3 Things that Make the KonMari Method so Successful

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

If you haven’t been up-to-date with the latest online trend, it’s time we let you in on what’s got everyone raiding their closets in their quest for what “sparks joy”: Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method.

What seems to have us itching to just tidy up, you say? Well, for one, it’s seeing proof that it really works.

So, it got us thinking: What makes it so successful?

Here’s our take:

1. The objectives are clear. If there is one thing that really got our attention with the KonMari method, it’s Marie Kondo’s constant invitation to look for “what sparks joy.” Setting it as the primary objective for anyone who wishes to go through it (with steps that help us understand what this “joy” is truly about), the KonMari Method paves a clear road with measures and standards to serve as guides along the tidying process.

2. It is well-planned. Another notable thing when it comes to the KonMari method is how it discourages us to go about tidying like wild monkeys. With its life-changing KonMari checklist that provides us a process to follow, we are advised to go through tidying in an orderly manner.

3. Implementation is seamless. Lastly, what makes the KonMari Method so successful is how everything has been carefully laid out from the very start, making implementation the easiest part! With set ground rules and guidelines, adjustments are easier to accommodate especially when unexpected concerns surface (trust us, this usually happens when we get to the sentimental items). Because of these, it becomes possible for all of us to replicate KonMari’s process and experience her success.

From everything that has been stated, there is one thing we can deduce: Marie Kondo is one great Project Manager. Backed with the basic skills of Project Management, Marie sweeps us off our feet with every successful tidying project she strategically handles with the KonMari Method.

Excited to try out this trending Japanese Tidying Process? Ensure success by keeping these Project Management Tips in mind!


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