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Thought leader on sales disruption and world-class service

Through the Miller Heiman Group, we empower sellers and service-providers by giving them the capability to stay ahead despite the rapid changes in the business landscape.


Are you ready for the future of sales?

Selling in the Age of Ceaseless Change

Our latest study, “The 2018-2019 Sales Performance Report” from CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group, found that sellers are no more successful than they were three years ago, and performance and productivity aren’t driving revenue growth.


With the goal of reversing these trends, the report explores what made the top performing sales organizations so successful in 2018, and provides actionable steps for achieving the top four sales goals in 2019.


Explore and learn more with us with our world-class programs from our partner for learning, the Miller Heiman Group.

The Miller Heiman Group's Learning Solutions

The Miller Heiman Group helps companies and individuals that compete for high-value business-to-business sales develop strategies, processes and skills to consistently win business – especially when the sales process is complex and the marketplace demanding.

We have been in business for over 30 years. Over this time we’ve evolved into the world’s largest sales performance consulting and training firm and the preeminent thought leaders in the space.

We Solve Tough Challenges

We optimize the organizational-level sales strategy and process by:

  • Implementing consistent, repeatable processes to create and manage opportunities and to protect and grow strategic accounts

  • Benchmarking sales force practices and productivity, identifying improvement opportunities, and building roadmaps for sales excellence

  • Assessing sales talent, identifying developmental needs, measuring the return on training investments

  • Implementing tools to enhance collaboration, drive adoption of best practices, and enable more effective sales management

Building capability of sales leaders, managers, and representatives by:

  • Winning high-value complex deals and shortening sales cycles

  • Transitioning from product to solution-led sales

  • Preserving price and margin integrity

  • Protecting and growing strategic accounts

  • Developing win-win negotiation strategies that strengthen client relationships

  • Persuading C-level decision makers

Our Highlighted Programs

Strategic Selling with Perspective®

Win complex deals with a scalable, insights-driven approach to opportunity management.

Strategic Selling® with Perspective is considered the leading sales training program by Fortune 1000 companies around the world. We give your sellers the process and tools they need to conduct a strategic analysis for an account with multiple decision makers. By addressing customers’ business needs and personal motives, sellers uncover essential information and their reasons for buying.

Conceptual Selling®

Develop meeting strategies that lead to better outcomes.

Sales success requires both a sales process and plan for customer interactions. Conceptual Selling® focuses on customer-centric conversations, building on the strategic analysis covered in Strategic Selling® with Perspective. As a result, sellers learn how to carefully assess buyer needs, avoiding misalignment between what customers want and what sellers are presenting.

Selection on Sales Effectiveness

We'll teach you to sell effectively. 

The Miller Heiman Group's award-winning sales training solutions are all developed from on-going global (and local) research into best-practice approaches, skills, and processes.


Let us help you keep up with the changing times by teaching you what the best in the world are doing. Check out our variety of programs which are utilized by the leading organizations here in the Philippines and the world!


Selection on Owning the Customer Experience

We'll teach you how to define and direct.

The Miller Heiman Group is recognized as one of the world's leading providers of customer service training programs. Through our on-going research into customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, and organizational profitability, we have isolated those crucial elements vital to customer satisfaction and loyalty, and organizational success.


Are you up-to-date with the current trends that will help you provide your customers with stellar service?

Check out the learning solutions leading service-providers here in the Philippines are getting from us.

Want to learn more about our

learning solutions on sales and service?

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