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Owning the Customer Experience

Training programs that are designed to help organizations create seamless customer experiences throughout the customer journey

Our Customizable Approach for Your Unique Situation

Strategy owners need to ensure that the sales strategy is clearly understood and consistently executed by everyone in the organization. How do sales force automation, performance management, compensation, development, selection, and other key processes and systems help support the achievement of the strategy?

Our consultants can work with your organization to ensure that your sales solution effectively achieves lasting results - for your customers and for your organization. Because your situation is unique, we tailor our approach, leveraging your strengths and addressing the critical issues.

Our Core Customer Service Programs

Organizations that leverage the skills and strategies from our service-oriented programs see a measurable increase in customer satisfaction. With over 40 years experience and more than a million professionals trained, Miller Heiman Group equips your customer-facing teams with the skills and tools they need create memorable customer experiences.

Leading for Stellar Service®

This workshop is an organizational program designed for senior managers. It helps them translate strategy into actual plans, tools, and standards. It also includes foundational service concepts from a senior manager's perspective. Organizational skills, knowledge, and attitudes that help leaders direct the human, financial, and other resources of an organization toward successful delivery of desired behaviors.

The Customer Experience Series™

Apply essential skills and concepts to own the customer’s experience. This innovative series includes five 90-minute sessions for up to 20 learners, highly flexible delivery options, and all-new technology-based reinforcement.


Module 1: Owning the Customer Experience 1™
Explore how meeting four universal expectations turn detractors or merely passive customers into loyal promoters of your organization.
Module 2: Owning the Customer Experience 2™
Learn to make the authentic emotional effort needed to connect with customers, reduce your own stress, and create loyal promoters of your organization.
Module 3: Meeting Business Needs™
Create loyal promoters of your organization by guiding conversations that clarify and satisfy each customer’s key business needs.
Module 4: Meeting Human Needs™
Master ways to identify and meet every customer’s need for respect, understanding, and individual attention.
Module 5: Managing Difficult Conversations™
Apply new skills to defuse the tension, resolve the issue, and restore the trust of unhappy customers.

Selling Through Stellar Service®

This workshop provides your employees with a proven needs satisfaction selling process. The training uses language and context appropriate for those who often feel that they're not really salespeople. The skills help organizations to both save money by solving problems better and faster, and to make money through cross-selling and up-selling. Incremental-skills, knowledge, and attitudes that all help employees expand customer relationships by selling additional needed products and services.


Module 1: Guiding Customer Conversations®
Manage the four common parts of customer interaction. Ensure each customer receives complete, reliable service - by acting as the expert guide.
Module 2: Expanding Customer Relationships™
Expand the customer's business relationship by identifying and satisfying additional customer needs.

Per Request Only

Coaching for Stellar Service®

Develop empowerment, feedback, and performance recognition skills in the context of foundational service concepts from a service coach's perspective. Supportive - skills, knowledge, and attitudes that help coaches develop the desired behaviors in individuals.


Module 1: Reaching for Stellar Service®: Coach's Version
Understand the big picture and the role of the service coach in delivering stellar service.
Module 2: Developing Others for Stellar Service®
Discover skills for developing others, helping them expand their capabilities so they will have the confidence to take on new challenges and work more independently.
Module 3: Giving Constructive Feedback for Stellar Service®
Learn skills to give constructive feedback in a way that builds openness and mutual respect, and promotes problem-solving and learning.
Module 4: Recognising Others for Stellar Service®
Provide meaningful recognition for large and small efforts in order to encourage others and focus on the organization's goals of stellar service.

Meeting the Challenge of Stellar Service®


This workshop helps individual employees master three important challenges of delivering stellar service. Situational - skills, knowledge, and attitudes that extend from the foundation to enable successful delivery of desired behaviors despite the uniqueness of certain situations.


Module 1: Guiding Customer Conversations®
Manage the four common parts of customer interaction. Ensure each customer receives complete, reliable service - by acting as the expert guide.
Module 2: Serving a World of Customers®
Provide respectful service tailored to customer's unique needs: physical ability, language ability, culturally dictated expectations, and familiarity with technology.
Module 3: Teaming Up for Seamless Service®
Provide seamless service to customers by increasing collaboration with fellow employees. Remove barriers to smooth working relationships.

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