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Discover the True Value of Coaching

I’m passionate about all kinds of coaching, but what I really like to talk about is coaching sales leaders to get the most out of their teams. So of course I was excited when the 2016 CSO Insights Sales Best Practices Study revealed coaching to be a key behavior to drive revenue for sales organizations.

More specifically, the study showed 86 percent of world class organizations think their sales managers spend adequate time with each individual member of their sales team during a typical month. Here’s the sad news: 26 percent of other organizations agreed with this statement, meaning there are a lot of companies out there that don’t provide the coaching sellers need to be successful.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a sales leader willing to go on record and say nobody is allowed to coach his or her sales team. But the key words to remember here are adequate and monthly.

What separates world class organizations from the pack is their commitment to consistently provide adequate coaching to each team member. What they have going for them is the notion of consistency and clarity when it comes to coaching.

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