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Beneficial Commitments

Professional Selling Skills

Achieving World-Class Status

In today’s fast-paced, complex, and ever changing sales environment, sales still has the biggest impact on an organization’s fate.  Your salespeople hold the key to improving business results by differentiating your organization from the competition.  They accomplish this by skillfully navigating the sales landscape with the essential behaviors needed to build trusted, long-term relationships with your company’s most valued asset, your customers.  

Even with the evolution of selling and buying our research has proven that it is still the salesperson’s mastery of the tried and true need satisfaction skills that distinguishes them as a world-class sales professional and not just another salesperson.

World-class sales professionals consistently keep customers at the center of their selling effort and differentiate themselves by building understanding of customer needs, offering customer-focused solutions, committing to customer success, developing mutually beneficial relationships, and being seen as trusted advisor and partner.

Professional Selling Skills® provide your salespeople with the tried and true skills to help them achieve world-class status with your customers.  

This is accomplished by applying the research and proven “Need Satisfaction Selling” methodology.  The goal is for your salespeople to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with your customers’ one sales call at a time.

Need Satisfaction Selling Methodology

Professional Selling Skills® ensures your salespeople will have the skills to: 

  • Collaborate effectively with customers during every sales call

  • Start sales calls in a positive manner

  • Ensure time spent on a sales calls is beneficial to the sales professional and customer

  • Promote an open exchange of information throughout the sales process

  • Ask effective questions that develop a clear, complete, mutual understanding of customers’ needs

  • Talk about products and services in ways that are meaningful and compelling to customers

  • Respond to customers concerns openly and effectively

  • Close sales calls with mutually beneficial commitments that are appropriate and clear moving the sale and customer relationship forward 


The two-day interactive program is designed to transfer skills to participants by using sound instructional design that incorporates a blended learning approach to appeal to all learners.  The design incorporates various media and technology components before, during and after the program to appeal to different types of learners and to enhance the overall learning experience.

The classroom experience integrates team competition to harness the competitive spirit of the salesperson to enhance the learning experience and to help participants’ master key concepts and skills.  In addition, a sales call planner is used throughout the training so salespeople can apply the skills and behaviors to their current customer opportunities making the learning experience timely and relevant to their selling efforts.  The sales call planner is a powerful tool that emphasizes the importance of taking a thoughtful and planned approach to a salesperson’s selling efforts.  Most importantly, the planner can be used to reinforce the sales behaviors taught in PSS after the classroom experience.

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