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Negotiating Resources for Your Team™

Negotiating skills play an increasingly important role in securing the resources a team needs to maintain its momentum toward aggressive goals. This module provides team leaders with negotiation skills that can help them secure needed resources for their teams.

Leading with Influence™

This course will allow your participants to drive business results in complex collaboration settings, even when they do not have positional authority, leverage strategic relationships for the benefit of their business priorities, and more.

Leading Through Transitions™

This course will equip participants with tools that will allow them to strategically build relationships and successfully lead people through even the most difficult business transitions.

Leading Innovation™

In this course, participants will develops skills and competencies around building a culture of innovation, as well as the capability to manage and facilitate a process that will bring results to a new level.

Leading Change™

This course will enable leaders to accelerate change efforts throughout the strategy execution life cycle, manage multiple initiatives, and adapt to constant change while successfully driving results.

Leading Across Boundaries™

This course will develop leaders who can set direction and promote collaboration across organizational boundaries, inside and outside the organization, resulting in more effective collaboration among functions, divisions, and teams as well as suppliers, partners, and customers.

Leading in Context™

This course will teach participants to appropriate their leadership to what the business context is in most need of. This will also allow participants to get to know themselves better as leaders and how they can comfortably adjust their leadership styles for the benefit of both the people they are leading and their organization.

Activating Change™

This module teaches three key practices to help individuals activate their capability for change, and empower themselves in productive ways and experience less stress.

Adapting to Constant Change

In this course, participants will learn and apply skills for adapting to constant change and uncertainty while delivering high levels of performance. They do so through self-assessment, discussion, video, and an experiential activity.

Connecting People to Strategy™

Through video, discussion, and activities, participants explore three steps for connecting people to strategy: Clarify the Strategy, Connect Daily Work to Strategy, and Communicate to Align and Engage Others.

Delegating Work for Shared Success™

This course will enable participants to learn a three-step in approach to delegating in ensures a successful delegation experience determining the best person for the job, setting that person up for success in a delegation conversation and the following up with the individual.

Identifying Work Priorities and Setting Verifiable Goals™

This course teaches participants how to prioritize their work according to the key results the organization is trying to achieve, and learn to formulate clear, verifiable goals that have high payoffs for the organization.