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Engineering the Performance System

Managing Strategic Responsibilities - The Key to Successful Strategy Implementation


While an organization's strategy is set by its top team, all managers and their staff are critical to its successful implementation. Managing Strategic Responsibilities prepares managers for successful strategy implementation. After a strategy has been formulated, this workshop provides the critical next step for successful execution.

The Kepner-Tregoe Five Phase Strategy Model provides a framework for the workshop. Managers explore their role in implementing the strategy of their organization through their operational responsibilities, planning, and decision making. Examples, case studies, and application of concepts to their own organization's strategy implementation, help managers to develop and practice new skills. Managers deepen their understanding of their organization's strategy; explore their roles in pursuing it; and develop an action plan for creating and implementing a strategy for their own business unit.

Who Should Attend

Executives and managers. This workshop is designed for management teams that need renewed focus on their existing strategy or are pursuing a new strategy.


  • Provide a strategic context for the work that is done throughout your organization.

  • Gain understanding and gain commitment for your organization's strategy.

  • Maximize managers' contributions to strategic goals.

  • Implement your strategy throughout your organization.

  • Use your strategy to guide operational decision making.

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