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Leadership Lessons from Les Misérables

Pinoy theater fans are rejoicing because Les Misérables is finally coming to Manila! Arguably one of the world’s greatest musicals, Les Misérables is based on the 19th century classic historical novel by Victor Hugo. Before you start singing, "I Dreamed a Dream", "One Day More" and "On My Own", here are lessons that Project Managers and leaders should take note of:

  • Your inaction is as important as your actions. Be careful what you delegate to your project team. You must be willing to accept the consequences – however tragic. Jean Valjean does when he allowed his foreman to throw Fantine out on the streets. This eventually led to Fantine’s downward spiral.

  • You are accountable for everyone in your project team. Know the character of those you are accountable for. Valjean did not, and his choice of foreman had dire consequences.

  • You must deal with uncertainty. Javert struggles to comprehend Valjean, who does not fit his “black and white” view of the world. Taking a project manager role means you must deal with issues that do not have a clear and concise answer.

  • For strength, leader, look to your faith. You will face challenges and dark days. You will regret some decisions. This is a burden of being the project manager.

Which were you favorite leadership lessons from Les Misérables? Continue reading...


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