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Trainer Excellence

Helping you bring out the best in others with tools and skills from nothing less than world-class.

Achieving Trainer Excellence™

Backed with years of research and tried and tested programs, the Achieving Trainer Excellence Workshop equips participants tools and skills to become world-class trainers, capable of bringing out the best out of people. Combining two programs--Adult Learning Techniques™ and Training Competency Demonstration™-- this workshop provides participants trainer skills they can take wherever they go. 

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Components of the Workshop

Adult Learning Techniques™

Learning Outcomes

Develop and fine-tune the skills needed to deliver training by being able to:

  • Describe how a model for effective learning achieves intended learning outcomes.

  • Identify how five critical learning experiences contribute to adult learning.

  • Use your understanding of activity design to select the best trainer role(s) and level of involvement.

  • Link behaviors and attitudes to deliberately and consistently fulfill each trainer role.

  • Apply your knowledge of learning preferences to maximize learner engagement.

  • Understand the types of feedback and demonstrate the skills of reinforcing performance. 

  • Apply a variety of techniques to start,expand, or limit discussions.

  • Identify and categorize challenging behaviors by participants, and select appropriate techniques to maintain participant involvement in the training session.

Training Competency Demonstration™

Learning Outcomes

Create a better learning experience for participants by:

  • Applying Ten Key Skills for Trainers 

  • Giving and receiving feedback using a set of proven criteria

  • Identifying necessary implementation activities

  • Applying specific coaching given by an expert trainer who observed you delivering multiple times during the program

  • In every way, delivering a better learning experience for participants


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